I watched a short clip of a Republican Senator yelling at Dr Fauci about the timing for lifting the face mask directive. His position was clear that people’s liberties have been taken away for long enough.

Fauci responded saying for him the face mask mandate had nothing to do with people’s liberties but was related to public health.

The stand off. Different values and different perspectives.

I admit I don’t understand the liberties side of the this argument. I don’t believe asking someone to wear a mask takes away their liberties. I believe it protects our freedom. Does wearing a seat belt take away liberties? Do speed limits take away liberties?

Do I like wearing a mask? Not so much. However, I do want to protect people from the spread of disease and a virus out of control.

I am also not a vaccine fan. But I did get mine. Why? Because where I live people don’t wear mask or stay six feet a part. We have lots of tourism and we don’t seem to think it matters that we contribute to the spread of the virus by the choices we make.

I am glad that I live in a place where I can be outdoors. Lots of space. But I also realize I want to travel. I want people to visit. If this virus continues to run wildly through cities and areas where the impact is greater and there may not be the same resources – I don’t want to contribute to that spread.

I’d wear a mask anytime to protect more big outbreaks. I also though wear my seat belt and drive mostly at the speed limit.

I consider doing all three of these things very much a part of supporting freedom and the liberties of ALL PEOPLE.