My Crooked Line

Not Me – BUT maybe one day!

I took up my guitar during my year of Covid. I am not a real guitar player. I think some might call me a campfire player.

However, I started some lessons and got to pick my own song. I picked Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine. I love this song.

My instructor didn’t blink and just started in with the chords and strum pattern. Within seconds, I knew it’d be years before this song would be one I included in any campfire situations.

However, I have been working my way through learning the strum pattern, developing my chops for new chords and not giving up.

Just last week, I decided that I was making no progress and just stuffed the song into my notebook of guitar songs and decided – hell I am just going back to EASY guitar songs.

Well damn – I had a blast playing those songs I love and even picking a few. I for sure was Closer To Fine – maybe not the Indigo Girls version yet – but I was a better guitar player!!!

There’s that Crooked Line!!

This is such a metaphor for my life.

I did have a plan that I might just be good enough to play the song and share – but like I said that’s a ways off. However, I am going to include alittle youtube link below so you an listen if you don’t know this great song!

My Equus work has some of the same crooked lines as I have evolved my Equus coaching and my programs. The horses come into my practice in magical ways.

Sometimes that magic is a new addition to my familar herd out at Stillwater HorseWhisper Ranch. Sometimes it’s a horse that shows up in m meditation or what I refer to as my invisable herd. Most recently it was a new offering: Re-Entry with Grace and Ease.

Sometimes there’s music involved and sometimes there’s a connection that just totally comes out of nowhere.

Definately a crooked line.

This is also very true in my writing. That book of mine has some amazing arms and legs. It’s been in the making well before the Beauty of Conflict was put out into the world. It may likely be still in it’s journey – popping into the public in little bits for while longer.

A crooked line – but as long as I don’t get to assuming that’s right or wrong. There’s many answers to those questions and none are definate – I will remain Closer To Fine!

What about you? Are there some crooked lines in your life! Just know life is NOT about getting from a A to B (or Z) – it’s about the crooked lines and not taking life too seriously! That’s what I call Closer to Fine!