Post Phase

I find myself in the transition between being fully engaged in the Phase program at The Haven and re-engaging in my life back in Montana. I thought writing might help. Yet the words are not flowing and I don’t seem to have any focus.

I did go to yoga this morning. Was the first time I have been to an actual class for a while. Was great! I believe my ‘home’ practice though not as long or as intense has actually helped with my flexibility and alignment. I enjoyed the class and left committed to making the effort to go more frequently.

Now I sit trying to find the same flow in returning to my blog. I had intended to write more while at The Phase. However, between getting engaged with the group and finding time for biking, breathing and walking with Carole – I found yoga easier to maintain than blogging.

Maybe that is why today’s yoga class came easier then posting a new blog. I do want to get back to a regular online rhythm.

The Phase was awesome. We had a good group. As always there were some challenging moments. Yet on our last morning together I realized I felt a warm and rich connection with each of folks who had been on the journey.

For a month I had allowed myself to become fully engaged and the lives of the Phase folks My focus was on creating a space for exploration, discovering and learning. Indeed the work is rewarding. I do believe the experience was/is transformative for some and I always learn a great deal about myself and my level of aliveness. This year was no different.

Coming back home though can at times be a bit rocky. There isn’t as much structure to my world in Montana. Meals come at different times and instead of the choices being laid out in front of me, I am the one preparing what I want to eat. There are no set time to be in the office or writing blogs. There is a schedule to possible yoga classes which again may be the pull to downward dog and not blog posting.

I don’t like to think of myself as someone who ‘needs’ structure. However, being on Gabriola often reminds me of the creative possibilities that come from a framework.

May be it’s okay to take a few days to find my way back into my world. Taking it easy and finding simple ways to re-connect and trust that I will get through the transition.

In the mean time there’s always a hockey game (yes – I became a Canucks fan while on Gabriola) and a scheduled yoga class or two that will provide a path. Soon may be my blogs will provide deeper messages or at least be posted more regularly.