Lighthouse Coaching

A Lighthouse is a bright light located at an important or potentially dangerous place where navigation may be difficult – it’s purpose is to be a source of light and to provide feedback so that a ship or boat can navigate through rough waters.

In our human journey we all have moments where we are called to navigate dangerous or potentially difficult waters.  We could all use a Lighthouse for those critical times in our lives.

My coaching practice is centered around being that Lighthouse for individuals and couples as they navigate through times of crisis, conflict and change.

If you are facing a passage that you are wondering if you can navigate consider me a potential Lighthouse that will help you in finding your path – through shining a bright light and providing you feedback so that you can locate and find your path.

I am passionate about helping people facing a crisis – be it a health crisis or a relationship challenge – and providing a path through the storm.

Interested in seeing if I might be the perfect Lighthouse for you on your journey?