About Susan B Clarke

Inspiring and empowering people to live fully through crisis, conflict & change.

The quest to find a solution to a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 24 is how Susan’s entrepreneurial path took root to grow.  At the point of no possible positive outcomes, Susan stepped off the beaten path and took on the task of finding health through having difficult conversations, facing buried secrets and scars from the past, and finally choosing connection over validation.

She did not see that journey coming, nor would she ever recommend it; however, she did discover that anything is possible. Attitude trumps reality, and wealth lies in the quality of your relationship to yourself, others and the living natural world around you.

The key to thriving through crisis, conflict and change isn’t in overcoming the problem. No, it’s living right smack in the mess of it, and discovering the resources that lie within you. The gem lies in uncovering the knowing that you are not alone, and that you were not, nor ever are, broken.

Since her cancer journey, Susan has focused her life on living fully in each moment and creating fulfilling relationships.  With her partner, CrisMarie Campbell, she started thrive!.  Her passion comes in working with people to help them value differences, bring more of themselves to everything they do, and engage in the power of people working collectively together.


Want to learn more about thrive! visit www.thriveinc.com!





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