Crazy, Cracked, Warm & Deep
– Finding Wholeness

The quest to find a solution for a terminal cancer diagnosis at 24 is how Susan Clarkes’ entrepreneurial path took root to grow. By stepping off the beaten path she began her healing journey through having difficult conversations, facing buried secrets & scars, and choosing connection over validation.

Susan learned that the key to thriving in crisis, conflict & change is in living right smack in the mess of it, and discovering the resources that lie within.

Since her cancer journey, Susan has focused on living fully in each moment & creating fulfilling relationships.

With her partner, CrisMarie Campbell, she started thrive! inc. where she is able to fulfil her passion of working with people to help them value difference, bring more of themselves to everything they do, and to see the Beauty of Conflict.

Fractals are repeating patterns in nature, which can present like chaos, but behind the chaos is a pattern. We are Fractals, and Susan through her talk, and work as an educator, therapist, coach and author wants people to know that they don’t need to be fixed, and that they aren’t broken.

Through her talk she will be introducing you to 4 Key Components:

Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep

and will be providing tools to help you embrace your beautiful Fractal Life.

Download the Crazy, Cracked, Warm and Deep One-Sheet