Celebrating Success!

 A year ago when I started my journey in Equus Coaching, I found myself totally terrified about my decision to say, “yes”, to the nudge towards Koelle Simpson’s, Equus Coaching program.

Today I am traveling home after my year end review for certification.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I did some things I never thought I would feel comfortable doing.

Frankly, most of my angst and fear comes up catching horses and moving them between the pasture and the round pen.  Sure enough, I got lots of opportunity to work on that!  Yes, Scotty (whom some of my co-coaching folks will remember) had me circling for quite a while before I finely settled myself into the fact that no one else was coming to help me get him to and through that gate!  I had to take a deep breath and take the lead.  His follow pasture mates were no help as they simply persisted to hang out at the gate until I gave them a clear message to back it up!

I had a round pen session with a horse, Snowman, who simply wasn’t in the mood to demonstrate a walk, trot or gallop around the pen.  No, he pretty much just stood there. Yet, he gave me a wonderful chance to keep coming back to myself and my intention; stay present in myself and my own sense of ‘good enough’.

The coaching was the joyful part of the review.  Sure I can always get better AND I had one session that for me was magic, very fulfilling (not only that but we laughed a lot,  tears are not the only way to get profound and deep work done!).

Finally, yesterday as we each waited for our turn for feedback, I used the time to practice haltering horses for anyone wanting to practice in the round pen. I also, got a chance or two to dance with a horse and get some great coaching. (thanks Tj)

Did I get certified? No, I have work to do. Did I ‘pass’.  Yes!

I honestly wasn’t sure if I would continue if I didn’t come this time. Whenever I get back home from the incredible experiences at the ranch,  I seem to drown in my lack of self-confidence.  So I came, not to get certified but to get valuable feedback.  I did and I stayed open and curious about all the input that came my way!

The best feedback came from the horses.  They let me know I have come a long way and gave me lots of good input about ways to continue to grow and build my confidence!

This time returning home, I’d like to think I’ll do things differently.

However, for now, I simply want to celebrate my success.

I feel full and very grateful.  Thank you to all who took this journey with me! Especially the horses, who continue to sing and I continue to listen!