My 3 C’s: A Recipe for Overcoming Obstacles

I generally like to keep things simple.  Often that means boiling down and summarizing what I know and belief into three steps.  I was told three steps is the magic number for success.  So when I am struggling or find myself in fear and doubt I like to go back to the basics – my three c’s.

  • am I curious about what’s happening
  • am I willing to use my courage
  • am I committed

Curiosity is the magic ingredient for me because when I become curious my energy shifts and the striving, driving part of me relaxes and I become more playful.  It is amazing how much more information is available when I am playful and relaxed then when I am striving and driving.

Often through being cuirous I recognize something I am not doing.  Then it becomes an issue of courage.  Will I step in and do what’s new, or what’s uncomfortable.  I use to think of courage as being tough and never letting on that I am struggling.  However, now I belief toughness does not take much courage at all.  Let’s face it – it is easier to fire someone and never see them again – then it is to have a crucial conversation, give feedback and then show day after day working with someone you may not always agree with or even like.  Courage is about not being tough but about being ‘real’- showing my vulnerability and staying in.

Which brings me to commitment.  Am I willing to stick it out.  I’d like to think of myself as a very committed person to things I say I will do.  But I know I can easily get distracted or decide the pain is not worth the gain and then my commitment wavers. Take this Blog – I said I wanted to write daily in the beginning.  It’s easy to let a day go by without writing because maybe I have nothing to say or I am busy doing other things.  But really how long does it take to write something – to stick to my commitment.

Indeed the 3 C’s are just one quick recipe for challenges and obstacles.  Let me know what you think or what simple recipe you use to kick start yourself out of the pit or over a stuck point.

4 thoughts on “My 3 C’s: A Recipe for Overcoming Obstacles”

  1. I have written down the 3C’s and will post in my office today as this is where I tend to optimize my capacity lately to strive and drive…the reminder to be curious during meetings, especially the ones in which I can frustrate myself with the lack of progress, will be a challenge…will keep you posted on my success. I will also suggest that my sister read your blog as well!

  2. A follow-up from my previous comment…I had a two day meeting in Vancouver …so this time when I was finding myself starting to calculate how much money was being “wasted” and how little we were seeming to get accomplished, I took a few breathes and then wrote out the 3’Cs (others thought I was taking such thorough notes!)….and bit by bit I decided I could be more curious about my collegues..decided I could be couragous enough to continue to stand forth with my ideas and that I could allow myself to be committed to the process (and really help collaberatively develop a very meaningful and innovative product)…it took a few hours of replaying this and a few times of writing down the 3 c’s but it worked….the remainder of the 2 day meeting was so different for me. While I always seem to get things accomplished in this role and on this committee, this time I did not leave drained and instead felt quite empowered and rejuvenated.
    The best part of my story however was today when my work collegue in Kelowna reviewed part of my notes (that applied to a specific aspect of the program she was working on) and she stated…What the heck are the 3C’s…is it part of the program now….you have it doodled everywhere!!!! …so of course I had to laugh at myself as I explained it to her!
    So again thanks..the 3 C’s will be with me for awhile…leslie

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