Wrestling with, I mean Raising Rosie

Rosie has been with us for five months now.  She’s 7 months old, meaning she as spent more of her life with us than with anyone else. We are her pack, and she is our family.

It is easy to say I love her.  She is so cute.  She is smart.  She is Sooooo PLAYFUL.

What’s not to love?

Well, let’s just say, we, meaning Rosie and me, have our moments.

My arms, bruised and scratched, bare proof of her desire to find a four-legged playmate and settling on me instead.

For all you alpha dog disciplinarians out there, don’t assume I am just too soft.  While there is some truth to that, I started reading Caesar on day one.  I signed up for a variety of trainings, including personal leadership and dog obedience ones. Lately, I have had a clear intention to not encourage wrestling with Rosie.

Rosie has a slightly different opinion.

My latest strategy is taking a water bottle with me when we go out in the yard to exercise/play.  It seems to be the best plan so far.  Either I am more confident, or Rosie is simply clear that anyone with a water bottle is an alpha!  It could be because Carol from Lucky Dog Day Camp, is an awesome alpha pack leader who carries a water bottle and isn’t afraid to use it!

I am encouraged with Rosie’s new found respect for me.  It’s not too hard to stay positive with a puppy like Rosie.  There’s more joy and laughter than “ouch!”

Since beginning to write this post while out on the deck with Rosie, I have gotten up twice to ensure that that “quiet, contented silence” is Rosie resting or playing quietly with her own toys rather than getting into mischief.

Score: Tied = Mischief 1, Quiet Contented Silence 1

She has visited me with a tennis ball to try to encourage me to play.  She has also dropped an old toy at my feet, that Sooke must have hidden, when the tennis ball was not effective!

I love having her around.  Even though some things like those non-working garden lamps have all been ripped up, chewed up, and spread around the yard, and the plastic deck chairs include some new bite marks, having Rosie around, as our dog, is worth it.

Mostly, I see potential in both of us, to get through puppy-hood and develop a great long-lasting relationship!

Sooke would be proud. 053(1)