Turning 50!!

Today I am 50. I woke up feeling an amazing amount of grateful for my life. It helps that I am in Croatia on an awesome bike touring experience with the love of my life, good friends and some great new friends. The joyful experience of testing myself on the rolling hills here on the islands, and seeing breathtaking views while flying downhill, probably has something to do with a very high gratitude meter.

Today has been perfect. The first part of the day was beautiful and the ride relatively easy and fun. Then three of us added an additional challenge by taking the long way back, basically over the mountain. It was awesome. By the end of the day I had ridden every kilometer possible for my touring experience. I definitely felt like I lived up to my muchness. Indeed life is good. Now we have a few extra days to unwind in Hvar.

Though I am fortunate to be here in this place, I also know my gratitude meter is high because I do believe I am living my best life. I have a relationship that excites me, challenges me, provides me the opportunity to support, and is filled with aliveness and learning. I live in a beautiful place, in a home that is surrounded by color, with animals that are friendly and fill the place with life. I get to work with my partner and I do believe we change the world sometimes with what we do. I have great friends and family to dialogue with and share in awesome experiences. Yes, there is so much to be grateful for on this day. I don’t feel old, I feel fulfilled and ready for more. Yes, it is worth celebrating life!

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  1. Hi Susan, A name from your past. I had been thinking of you lately and wondering how you are. I was amazed to see you just turned 50! Happy birthday! I loved reading your blog. I felt energized just reading your words. I am glad to hear your life is so fulfilling for you. I have good memories of our time as friends and remember many an evening on the beach watching sunsets. I am busy raising a very, very energetic three year old daughter. My dreams finally came true three years ago and I have been having a wonderful yet challenging ride since. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I often think of you and the impact you had on my life. Candace

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