Thank You Michael!!

I just watched the Michael Jackson movie, This is It. What a talented man he was and what a loss. Sure Michael had his challenges. But for 45 years he gifted us with his unique brilliance when it came to music and movement.

What I loved about the film was watching the selection process for the dancers. I really got it was not a physical contest in the normal sense of the word. Yes, one’s ability to dance was critical but those selected were not the best bodies or most beautiful. They were the ones who embodied and inspired through their movements and voices. They were the one who laid their heart on the stage without fear. It seemed Michael could pick that type out of the hundreds that tried out.

Watching his attention to detail and his humble way of being with those who clearly idolized his every move was quite rich. He did not rise above those around him, but instead encouraged and inspired each of them to join him as an equal on the stage.

Indeed it is sad to know the rest of the story – or may be to really only know fragments of a story that portrays Michael as odd, drug addicted, predatory and an outcast. When he moves, sings and takes the stage that story is lost and all that shows up is a man graced with talent, heart and a spirit that will live on well beyond his fifty years.

I am glad I went to see the film and would hope this is it – that we would stop talking about all the other stuff and enjoy the many gifts the man graced us with.