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Thriving, Be it Me or My Organization, = Valuing Differences!

I realize there are not many consistent themes to my blogging to date.  However, I believe what has come up the most is how much I value differences.  I mentioned the diversity in opinions that show up in Montana,  I wrote about collective consciousness being more about acceptance of differences than similarities and balance being about flow (movement between polarities) and alignment.

The subject is up for me again.  I just got back from a great two days with the other members of The Table Group Consulting Partners.  We are a hand selected group of consultants who are work along side business author, Patrick Lencioni.  Pat started his company, The Table Group over 10 years ago and really launched his career as an author and speaker with the Book, Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The book has been on the NYTimes bestseller list – as a business book.  It continues to stay in the top twenty and higher many years later.  The book is awesome.  It’s a fable with a very simple yet profound message about what is the essence of a high performing team.

We loved the book and the others he has written.  What was even better was that we have discovered that Pat and his small company (7 folks) live what what all the books preach.  Since the first book, Pat has written a series of books all with simple wisdom for leaders in business.

I could write on and on about my respect for The Table Group but really that was not the point of this Blog.  The Consulting Partners was my topic.  We started all as independent consultants – some already having a practice others encouraged to start a consulting practice.  The common thread was a relationship with Pat or one of the Table Group folks.  We were about t 10 in the beginning five years ago and now there are about 20 of us.  We are an interesting collection of talent.  Each year when we gather we have grown, and as we grow, like any group, we face the challenges of bringing in new folks, dealing with changes in direction, structure or expectations.

This was no different.  Only now we have some significant decisions to make about who we want to be because we have grown up and have a great opportunity to really take this awesome simple wisdom into organizations in a way that can make a difference.

I don’t agree with everyone’s view in the room.  But that’s just what makes it all so special.  I don’t have to.  I can be a part of a group that is becoming a team that has diverse lifestyles, beliefs, desires for growth and a broad range of skills and talents.  The sum of our differences gives us the potential to reach such a broader audience and really make a difference in the health of organizations.

Organizational health is all about finding ways to make the workplace a place for everyone.  If I want to call myself an organizational health expert then I better be making sure my ‘organization’ is healthy.  That’s is what is so cool about being a part of The Table Group and The Table Group Consulting Partners we continue to make sure we are healthy and smart.  We practice the simple wisdom we offer and that is what I think makes all the difference and keeps me committed to being a part of something worthwhile.