BE BRAVE: Reflections from An Emotional Body

CrisMarie with Martha Beck and Adam!
CrisMarie with Martha Beck and Adam!

 I am in my short window of wonder.  Having just returned from an amazing weekend in San Diego, at The Martha Beck Coaching Summit, feeling full from the connections, and wanting to hold on to the warmth and caring that was so visceral in each of the sessions: the dancing, the music, and the MBI team responsible for making it all happen.  I am full of gratitude. Yes, I want to hold on to it, and stay in that memory.

That is so like me as an Emotional Body.  Let’s just say it isn’t easy for me to really let all that loving in, and once I let it in, I can try to hold on a bit too tightly!  See, I am a touch skeptical, and often stay guarded, but not this past weekend.  I came wanting to be open, intending to step into each experience with an open heart and mind, especially as one of the breakout presenters who was invited to share something important in my world to such a willing and curious crowd.

Now, it wasn’t really my idea to present on the Six Body Types.  (That was CrisMarie’s brilliant idea with Jessica Steward nudging!)  It’s a fairly “Woo-Woo” subject.  However, the Six Body Types has been transformational for me.Not only have I understood myself much better, I have been able to use the tools, and the information, to bridge relationships that I know would have been lost without this material — both on a personal level and in my work with clients.

What was most interesting though was how easily people caught on to the information, and were able to recognize themselves and play with our material.In other situations, this information has often created agitation in people new to the language (and dare I say it, the frequency).  Not so at the Martha Beck Summit!

I was profoundly touched by the reception. 

Maybe it has been my own skepticism that has created the veil and made it hard to take this information out.Maybe it was the playful, fun way CrisMarie and I worked at translating the material into movie clips and stories. Maybe it was the great dance playlist we put together to move and shake our nervous energy (click here to hear my favorite: BRAVE!)  Maybe it was the room full of souls looking for, and excited about, finding ways of connecting and expanding to a space beyond the separation of our body minds and physicality.

I know from the other sessions I attended that it wasn’t unique to our own.  No, the weekend was playful, fun and full of a vast river of emotions.  There was magic and science, dance and stillness, joy and sorrow. 

What I liked best was that I didn’t shut down.  I found myself thriving and though revealed, vulnerable, and at times anxious, nervous and scared – I didn’t block my heart.  My heart stayed open, and I discovered many opened heart people around me!!

Maybe it is like that for you or others all the time, but that’s not been my path.  So I was thrilled!  I’d like to stay in this space a while – without attachment – another challenge for Emotional Bodies. 

I’m not sure if the window will stay open – next up, I’m celebrating the love of my life’s birthday and going to a celebration-of-life for one of my mentors, Bennett Wong, a founder of the Haven, who passed away this year.  These events will be filled with lots of emotions and lots of opportunities to toggle between thriving and just surviving – the blessing and curse for an Emotional Body like me!

To keep my heart open, I plan to check Facebook and follow the wonderful posting and sharing that is happening on the MBI Summit page.  However, my real wish is to take all that loving and embody it in all that comes next. 

I know it means having to let go of holding on to what was awesome.  My inner Lilo (Lilo click to see Emotional Body Movie clip) knows though that I won’t forget – no I remember everyone that leaves – however, these days even when the physical bodies are far, far away – the oneness touched is always available!

P.S.  For those reading this that know nothing about the Six Body Types feel free to visit our website and check our online assessment or give us a call.