Let It Snow!!

Last night we got our first significant snow fall.  In truth, it is only 3 to 5 inches, however, there is simply something magical for me when the first snow falls.

As soon as I awaken and let the dogs out, I notice the silence and stillness that comes with the snow.  A blanket of white makes it easy to see outside without the need to flip on the outside light.  The real joy comes watching Bailey and Sooke, initially tiptoeing into the fresh white powder and then sprinting through the yard.  Bailey is especially cute in that he still attempts to catch the falling snowflakes with mid-air leaps while lunging in a somewhat forward direction. He usually ends up flopped over and covered in powder.  Not really a fan of the wet and cold, he is quick to jump up and shake it off.  That alone generates a giggle, igniting my own desire to find my snow boots and gloves so that I can join the party.

Bailey enjoying our First 2010 snow fall

Then there is the work side of the snow.  Our driveway is not really snow friendly.  I wasn’t nearly as neurotic this year about getting our snow tires on the car. As a result, only one of the cars ready for snow.  And the other, the VW Bug, is now sitting in a Les Schwab parking lot full of other cars waiting for their winter tires to be put on.  Here in Whitefish, Les Schwab seems a bit like the CPA’s office in April, with a major rush of activity during the first snowfall. I imagine that is when they make their big bucks.

I am still new to living with a true winter season.  I am still thrilled with the falling snow and don’t fully grasp the reality of having snow on the ground for the next four or five months.  By March I will probably be jaded and sick of the snow.  But today I will just let myself enjoy the silence, the stillness, and the beauty of Montana with it’s first few inches of snow, fully accepting the coming of winter and all that it offers.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!