Hunting Season – Really??

I continue to struggle in terms of finding any regular time for blogging. There are so many reasons I could site for my lapse. We are very busy with work. I am traveling every week. Life in the here and now is simply too demanding for finding time to write. However, the truth is not much is sticking in my mind that seems worth sharing. In the moment life seems busy and important but when I sit down to share something with a broader audience, I am blank.

We are engaged in three quite large projects related to work. Two are with large companies that require us to say NDA’s (non-disclosure documents) meaning that even the interesting aspects of the work is best not included in my blog. The third project is interesting as well but we are just getting started and not really ready yet for prime time.

I guess I could write about the start of hunting season. Yes – in Montana that is a big deal. For me, basically it means pulling out everything orange I can find so that when I take the dogs out for a walk or run we are bright and obvious.

Hunting is one of those sports I simply don’t get. I had a cousin who was a bow hunter and I did come to believe that bow hunting is very, very different then using a rife. Plus he ate everything he killed. Somehow that made more sense to be. The skins on the floor and the heads mounted on the wall seem totally absurd to me. I have no doubt that are hunters out there that may be annoyed at my lack of understanding or support for their sport.

Hunting and car racing are sort in the same category for me. With auto racing I get the element of speed and risk. Flying around in a large metal machine has some clear challenges that might merit skills beyond the average Joe. But the fact this is such an incredible waste of fuel at a time when energy is an issue seems totally insane. Hunting – especially rife hunting – seems as crazy. Where’s the sport in aiming at an animal from so far away that the animal has no clue anything is happening and killing an opponent where the odds of your success are overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be more sporting to have to somehow face your opponent and use your own strength to kill it.

I am sure I am missing something. Still even as I sit here on my deck I hear rife rounds off in the distance. It isn’t rife hunting season yet so either someone is practicing or there is some illegal hunting going on. Personally I am rooting for deer, elk or quail.

I realize though that I live in a state that enjoys hunting season. I actually believe folks here at least attempt to make it a real sport. People actually really know how to use a gun or a bow. In general, I think most only kill what is allowed. Folks get a license and train younger kids how to stay safe while hunting.

I also have no doubt some things I believe and practice, others think are equally crazy. Still I stay a bit on my morale high ground because yoga, biking and personal growth groups don’t usually result in deaths. Still my righteousness is still just that. A way to stay separate. So all my desires for unity and oneness sort of go right out the window.

It’s hard staying open and compassionate to the choices of others. Especially during hunting season!

One thought on “Hunting Season – Really??”

  1. Ah, so really what you are saying is that you are “hunting for a blog, worthy of posting”. I get it. I totally get it.

    As a matter of fact, I received your blog while I was sitting at my computer poolside in Palm Desert dreaming up the content for my next.

    I am more of a blog binger than a consistent blog creator. I go in spurts and waves. Actually, I have find that after an intense month of working, I can easily knock off 5-10 blogs in a 24 hour period and then I post them sequentially.

    Anyway, we all have to figure out our own blogging momentum. It’s such a personal thing.

    Anyway, I love reading your blogs whenever they hit my inbox so do as you do Susan.

    Okay, now back to my own blog…

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