Getting Started – The Pressure Is On!

I had the idea for a blog months ago.  I had just completed a wonderful writing project where I shared my thoughts weekly with a group of folks and got some great feedback.  I had said then I would get this blog going and did not.  Now I am set but after watching Julie & Julia have put tremendous pressure on myself.  I loved the movie and no way can my little blog compete with Julie.  Still I am committed to get started!

What you need to know about my style of writing is that sometimes I am short and to the point and other times I ramble.  I will do my best to keep it simple but I’m going to be learning along the way.

Second thing you need to know is  that I am doing this in hopes that I will hear from you.  I write because it gets me thinking and I like it when folks read and share the impact my words have in their world.  I encourage you to agree, disagree – just let me know when I have made an impact.  I anticipate that impact being both positive and negative and highly value both.

The third thing you need to know is that I am dyslexic and messy. I don’t always have someone to edit my work so it might be misspelled, missing words – but hopefully you can get the gist as you read.

Last comment – though I work with Executives, teams and corporations, my passion is people.  I was a therapist but did not really fit in that world.  Coaching is a better fit but still not quite right.  Bottom-line I got my health back through becoming curious about life – all aspects of life and my relationship to the world around me.  These days I know keeping that curiosity engaged and active is a critical key to my aliveness – so I work to stay curious about pretty much everything and everyone.

So the pressure is on! And I am up for the challenge – let the Blog begin!!!

5 thoughts on “Getting Started – The Pressure Is On!”

  1. Susan.

    Congrats on your new blogging life!

    I am so excited that I will be able to come here and visit you often. I realize now I have a method to get a wee Susan-fix! Yippee!

    Susan – I have been wanting to watch you blog for years. So give us typos, give us disorganized thoughts JUST give it to us!

    Renée Safrata

  2. Hello dear Susan,
    I am full of joy thinking of you singing your own song, dancing your own dance – sharing your soul with us. I too loved Julie and Julia – what gifts each of us bring. One of the things I loved about your initial writing project was that you shared you in all your ways – I feel great warmth with what you describe as your dyslexic and messy ways – I am warmly hugging you as I write this. Celebrating you and your willingness to share.

  3. Susan,
    Ah!! the pressaaa to blog or not to blog,that is the question. I think it is a noble endeavour, that for me, catches little tidbits of personal insights in the cobwebs of my mind that i can then share with others.
    And it is a ton of fun too.

  4. hi, susan – I am just sitting down to the treat and pleasure of reading you… This was a delightful start. Thank you so much for sharing yourself this way. I experience your sharing like water drops for a growing plant.

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