Finding My Power In Presence

I am just back from an awesome Dr Joe Advanced Follow Up in San Diego. I am enjoying my days with Dr Joe and a couple thousand other people – meditating, walking and doing awesome coherent healing sessions.

It’s funny, in my first Dr Joe retreat, people were asking, “When did you start this work.”

My reaction was often: “What do mean by this work?”

“When did you start with Dr Joe?”

“Back in June 2023”.

“Oh so your new to Dr Joe.”

I so wanted to react. I monitor myself and say, “Hey, I guess”

Then stop sharing and, yes, have some judgemental thought.

These days that doesn’t cause a stir, nor even any judgement. I know I started the work to change my life forty years ago and Dr Joe is simply the most recent unknown opportunity in my growth and my becoming project.

His message is not all that different than what I learned at my first Come Alive.

Life is all about becoming present and staying present.

That really is the only path to rising conciousness and getting better at living well together.

It’s about wholeness and being able to relate to the world around me. Share my tears, fears, laughter and joy. Listen to the stories, songs and sounds of others.

I found this trip I knew a few regulars and that was cool. I met new folks and that was cool.

I openned my heart and gained some new knowledge. Very cool.

It was awesome and I am looking forward to how the experimenting there comes back into life here.

I am a new self. Because we are always creating. I want to be conscious in that process as much as possible and that takes a lot of willingness to be responsible for the reality and experience I am having.

You know that saying, “With power comes great responsibility.

Power does come in presence. It gives me choice moment to moment. It’s great when I am enjoying the outcomes and I think it matters even more when I am challenged and tossed into the uncomfortable or unknown.

I am growing to like the unknown. The mystical and magical moments. Those just aren’t possible when stay to much in the familar.

Take a step out of your box. You’ll come back and hopefully a little different.

That’s okay.

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