Celebrating Montana Style!

Another year of fireworks comes to a close here in Montana. Maybe it was the wetness or some signs of an improved economy, not sure the reason, but here in the great state of Montana, where buying and selling fireworks is a favorite pastime, the displays this year seemed longer and louder. At one point last night, while we watched the professional thirty minute fanfare, our surrounding neighbors sent off their own response. It was wild!

The hardest part for me was watching the impact it has on our dogs, and my concern that even with moist grounds there still seems a high risk for fires.

Poor Bailey, our two year boxer, has been wired to serve and protect all week. He heard the locals (meaning the houses at the end of our driveway) firing off rounds each evening. He ran to the edge of the driveway, barking and making every effort to chase off the unwanted attackers. As the week went on, with the help of melatonin and a thundershirt, he was a bit more relaxed. Of course last night was wild and we simply provided him with a chew toy and put him in his crate with some music once it got dark.

Sooke isn’t as geared towards protecting, but she clearly does not like the racket. She hides downstairs under my desk until we head to bed, where she curls up half under the bed to make sure she is still covered.

What is it about fireworks? I get that the big professional shows are sort cool to watch. But even that seemed way too long last night. We kept thinking, “this is the big final push,” and then there would be more. It’s okay and sort of fun, but it’s the home shows that I really wonder about. They seem a bit dangerous. We watched our neighbor setting off rockets last night. He actually does a lot to make sure things are safe. Still, there were a couple times when he was way to close, in my view, to the first rocket firing. Some of the other locals seem less geared to taking any safety measures. One neighbor just fires them off the back of his pickup truck and one of those came right up our driveway!

Long ago, I remember some wild times I had out on the lake sending off the 4th of July fireworks show for campers. I did think it was fun. However, I had the benefit of a big lake to dive into if anything went wrong.

Most of the states I have lived in have strict laws about fireworks. Not just anyone can buy and set off rockets and the bigger displays. Of course there are always a few folks that don’t follow those rules, but it’s nothing like it is here in Montana! These folks love their fireworks. It’s legal and once those firework stands go up, for at least a week we can all count on getting some sort of show each night!

Well, though I am glad to see the celebrations come to a close, I am grateful. I may think some folks are a bit crazy and don’t always agree with the choices they make. However, I am grateful to live where I have freedom to make choices. Even if does mean having to put up lots of noise and fireworks once a year for a week or so!