Boxer Bailey (Formerly Known as Moose) Update

Some of you who are regular readers ( god knows if there really are any) may be wondering what happened with Moose.  The adoption process as I mentioned is not so simple as it use to be.  Currently our application is under review, references are being called and our vet needs to vouch for us.  In the mean time though we were allowed to have Bailey (previously known to you as Moose) over for a one day visit.

Bailey was dropped off at 8AM.  We did our best to make sure the house was ready for a puppy and let Sooke know this was still a trail run.  The day was exhausting!!!  We were told by our friends we were like the parent’s of a new born (okay probably more like a toddler since Bailey was very, vary mobile).

We did schedule as much activity into the day as we thought Sooke could handle in hopes that we would keep Bailey happy.  The good news was that our efforts worked.  Bailey had some great naps at various times during the day which allowed us some recovery time.

It was wonderful seeing Sooke and Bailey play.  They played tug-of war and some sort of herding game which basically looked like Bailey trying to steal the toy from Sooke, while running at full speed.  Of course Sooke had the upper hand since she could simply give Bailey the right front hip and send him tumbling.  He was game and right back up and after her each time.

We did learn that we will need to get up to speed on training and making sure the little fellow gets who’s boss.  He seems willing to learn though strong-willed.

By the end of the day we were okay letting him head home with his foster mom.  Though we had become quite attached we knew we needed a bit more prep time before having Bailey home for good.

Today we put together a crate and bought some boxer training books.  We are hoping we can get approved and bring Bailey home officially by the middle of next week.

In case any of you grew attached to the name Moose.  We decided Moose, though a cute name sounded a little too close to Sooke.  Plus we just weren’t thrilled about having a moose in the house.  He seemed okay with the change.

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  1. Okay – Bailey is coming home. I get it. It is now time for a wee bit of brushing up on the first 30 days of leadership girlfriends. It is time for a visit from the Dog Whisperer – enjoy his posts, practice his tips and you will be the Leaders of your new pack in a heart-beat.
    Here is the first step I recommend – Hail Ceasar!

    Enjoy this new chapter in your life.

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