A Trip to the Top of The world

So maybe not the only top of the world- but damn close!

Our dear friend, garden mentor and awesome playmate, Robin Kelson invited us to two nights at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park. I admit I mostly said yes because Robin was going and how could that be anything but fun.

When Robin busted her knee cap and had to stay home I was ready to cancel. I am so glad I didn’t!

The trip to Sperry could not have been more magical and perfectly timed.

The funny thing is that I was grumbly pretty much until we stepped on to the trail. From that moment on I was smiling.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Sperry Chalet it is a favorite of many locals here in Whitefish. In 2017, the Chalet burned down in a wildfire. It got rebulit and that was quite an undertaking. I now get that this invite for two nights was pretty special and a hard reservation to get. The chalet is only open for two months!

First peek of Sperry Chalet on our way up

I loved hiking and being offline, with new friends and finding a our cadance. I had forgotten how much I enjoy being out in mountains!

The hike was steep but a great way to get to know each other. The lemonade that greeted us at The Chalet was perfect.

Each of the three days of hiking offered so many magical moments!

Going up the stairway to heaven. Another one of those pretentous names that is pretty impossible to live up to – but stepping out on that view – well it lived up to it’s name.

If that wasn’t enough, well diving into a glacier lake was super cold and inspiring! I have to say, Ivalu, was so clam and cool. Not me, I was making some sounds! So worth it!

Aside from the daily dose of lemonade, we also had amazing meals! The hotcakes were awesome and our bag lunches had more than enough to keep us hiking. Each

Plus, due to having a birthday girl with us, her amazing friend hiked up wine, special cheese, spread, crackers and great brownies (for all ten of us!)

The brownies!!

We made the decision to take the longer hike out. Another great -YES!

I learned I am not that great at goat whispering. Especially when Mommas are cuddled up to their little ones, smack in the middle of a trail without much room on either side. Glad Joe stepped in to take the lead! Here’s the link if you want to watch the goat drama: https://www.facebook.com/100000077222134/videos/552827056046942/

Towards the end of the hike we got graced with moose. Three separate sightings!

An Incrediable three days of being out in nature, with new friends, great food, offline and lots of stories to share.

Back home there have already been some challenges. I didn’t even get to finish this post before saying good bye to a family member who’s been fighting her batte with cancer for seven years.

Life goes on.

I am glad though that I took the time to hike and visit the top of world. I really did want to finish this post before getting too caught up in everything else.

Sometimes nature does call and it is important to listen.