Mojo Equus Coaching

Mojo Intensives

These are 2.5 day sessions, customized and designed for you. You can come alone or bring a significant person in your life.

These sessions take place in our lovely town, Whitefish, MT. We’ll have up to three sessions with the horses and weave in some other integrative activities and session your time.Coaching

Horses are great at helping you increase your Mojo, your much-ness, so that your confidence and clarity will build strong relationships that drive to great results.  As a Certified Equus Coach, I will guide you in variety of activities with horses that will help you to build trust and be more present and in the moment.

Why learning from horses works:

It’s not what you learn about a horse that makes them important; it’s what they reveal to you about yourself. They are excellent trust teachers due to their ability to innately provide you feedback because they:

• Seek out and willingly respond to congruent leadership

• Fully cooperate with you if they trust you

• Respond to your emotional honesty rather than your words or actions

• Pick up on the nonverbal messages you miss, or are unaware of giving, that sabotage your ability to inspire trust

• Directly reflect you and give instant feedback