Skiing the Fish!

Day two of ‘skiing the fish’. I wanted to get back up on the slopes so that I didn’t totally lose the cellular memory of my ski lesson. For Christmas, CrisMarie gave me a private ski lesson. Three hours on Boxing day with a wonderful ski instructor, Linda Miller.  I have been saying for over a couple years that I wanted to learn to ski. Not for the usual reasons. No. I wanted to learn to ski so I could skin up the mountain and ski back down safely. Yes, I am a born up hill gal.

Skiing the Fish!  My first lesson at Whitefish Mountain Resort
Skiing the Fish! My first lesson at Whitefish Mountain Resort

CrisMarie had tired of me saying I wanted to learn and not really making it happen. It is something I love about her. She pushes me when I am saying one thing and not doing anything to act on it.

Of course, I decided to head up the mountain this Sunday early, thinking most of my follow skiers were going to be in church. Wrong. Apparently today was the busiest day of the year for the mountain, and it didn’t help that snow was falling.

Yes – there were lines. But honestly, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get my lift ticket, rentals and even bought my first set of ski goggles. I was in, out and on the snow in less than thirty minutes!

As for the skiing, well, I think I did pretty darn good. I had fun. I practiced everything I was taught in my lesson and managed to enjoy the company of a number of other folks learning like me – when I avoided running into them on the slopes that is.

My crystal clear objectives for this winter skiing project are quite simple:

– Have fun.
– Learn how to stop, start and turn.
– Play.
– Enjoy.

That’s it.

I like taking wide turns and enjoying getting into some sort of dance experience with the snow, the mountain and all the folks around me. So far I have managed to stay upright on my skis.

This skiing experience is a bit like my experience of discovering golf this summer. I imagine much like my golf, if I saw a video of myself skiing I would see just how much of a beginner I am. I remember seeing a video of my golf shot and being a bit horrified at just how different it looked than Chris Newton’s (the golf pro at Whitefish).  Maybe I shouldn’t even imagine there would be any similarity. But still my inner golfer did imagine that I had a much better stroke. Luckily, I am not aiming to be a great golfer or a great skier! So my inner experience is really all that counts!

It is my intention to take some more ski lessons and like golf maybe by the end of the winter ski season I will be able to call myself a skier. Even more importantly, I will be able to skin up the mountain and safely make it down!!

Life really is all about learning, play and trying new things.  That’s what keeps the brain fresh,  the body young and my heart open!

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